Complete Waxing Treatment for Your Healthy Skin

Haus of Wax is a renowned salon that offers fantastic skincare treatment using premium products. Do you want complete body waxing services for your sensitive skin? Then come to us without any hesitation. We prioritize our clients and use products accordingly. For sensitive skin, we prefer hard wax, and for legs and arms, we use soft wax. We aim to provide ultimate service satisfaction to all our clients with in-house experts.

A bottle of lotion sitting on top of a table.
Three jars of different colored powders on a table.

Dedicated Services

Eyebrows are one of our specializations. After waxing the eyebrows, we apply powder and contour them. You'll love the shape of your eyebrows as we do our best to enhance your natural beauty. On the other hand, we provide next-level comfort to our clients while offering Brazilian wax at a budget-friendly cost. The friendly environment at our beauty salon (family-owned and operated) releases stress and eases you throughout the process. Therefore, contact us today and book an appointment.